Absorption of fat soluble substances

Increasing the efficiency of active product ingredients (APIs) by Micelle-Technology

The absorption of orally administered substances takes place in the intestinal cells. The substances must overcome the intestinal cell barrier, before they enter the bloodstream. That can be done only in water-soluble form. Substances that can not dissolve in water or are poorly soluble in water - generally fat-soluble substances - must be converted by the body. This transformation process requires time and energy. Due to the limited length of stay in the digestive tract only a part of it is converted.

What makes our water soluble CBD the best choice?

The problem with traditional, non-treated CBD oils is that they aren’t efficiently absorbed into the bloodstream due to the high volume of water in the human body and how oil is processed by the intestines and the liver.

As the liver metabolises most of the oil, you don’t get value for money as up to 95% of the stated concentration won’t be absorbed when taken orally, reducing health benefits. There is a better way.

We’ve increased the efficiency of active ingredients

Our CBD oils are a game changer and as a result, we’ve raised the bar on CBD excellency. Our CBD oil is treated with micelles, special molecules made of two parts that encourage the oil to dissolve in water.

This treatment increases the absorption and bioavailability up to 15 times as the solution doesn’t have to pass through the digestive system to be delivered to the bloodstream, losing active ingredients.

Our process is 100% natural

The micellization process converts fat-soluble substances with purely natural and non-allergenic expedients, into water-soluble substances - there are no heavy metals, pesticides or moulds in any of our products so you can buy in confidence.

Always high quality and organic CBD oil

All of our CBD is also organic, rigorously tested and comes as either an isolate or full-spectrum CBD oil, which contains all of the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. You can’t go wrong.

The only medication I use is plant based. I spent years scouring the market for products. I also wasted a lot of money on products that claimed to be the best but weren’t backed by science. Now the technology has caught up. I now use water soluble CBD and curcumin from Enhanced CBD Health in Spain.

James Walford

These products couldn’t be safer and healthier for your body and mind. Dont waste your hard earned money on other products.

Debbie Armitage

I have been taking CBD for joint pain and arthritis for just over 2 weeks and am definitely feeling the difference. Am also taking the turmeric supplement for a similar amount of time and have noticed boosted energy. Tthere are probably more benefits that have not been identified yet but really do feel great… what have you got to lose, give it a try!

Gerry Evans

Fast efficient service. As for the products, I took a chance on a recommendation on CBD full spectrum for my dreaded hot flushes. Before product I experienced 20-30 a day now one or two a week to non existent… works for me.

Tina Fitzgibbon

Can’t recommend enough. I started off with the CBD isolate and curcumin and it has helped with my joint pains, my energy level and has left me feeling fabulous, it’s like I’ve had a massive shot of life force. I have since tried my 8 year old son on the CBD isolate who struggles with autistic spectrum disorder and the first day I gave it to him he seemed relaxed and at ease within himself. It was as though his internal coil had been loosened and that evening for the first time in his life he fell asleep within 15 minutes compared to the usual 2 hours!! Thank you mother nature and Iberoptima so so soooooo very much.

Jodi Bull

I have been taking the CBD Full Spectrum for 2 months now and just can’t believe the difference. I was previously taking Tramadol on a regular basis for arthritis pain relief, now only have to take one occasionally. Being a type 2 diabetic, my sugar levels have also evened out so all very good. I have just received an order for Curcumin and CBN so looking forward to seeing those results. Great products and fantastic personal service.

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