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A New Approach to Medicine – CBD and Crohn’s Disease

James Walford has lived with Crohn's disease for over 21 years. Hear his personal story of treatment and the success he has found with water soluble CBD.

When one thinks about modern medicine an image of pristine hospitals and cutting edge medication comes to mind. If you're lucky enough to live in a country with a health care system you can even be assured of free treatment were something bad to happen.

There have been many great advances in medicine I cannot deny. If you have an accident and break a bone or need a skin graft then modern western medicine can help.

However, treatment of injury is not what I am here to talk about.

How can chronic conditions be treated differently?

Modern medicine is failing miserably when it comes to the treatment of chronic conditions such as multiple sclerosis and crohns. When it comes to cancer the rates of it are increasing across the western world and the treatments are archaic.

Treating a tumor with chemotherapy is not unlike treating a headache with a guillotine. You are left with a body that is so damaged you are likely to die from a complication as a result. Also currently the treatment options for patients with chronic conditions is woefully inadequate.

My experience of this is personal. I was diagnosed 21 years ago with Crohn's disease.

My experience with Crohn’s treatment

In that time I've been hospital bound many times. I had surgery to remove three feet of damaged bowel and i have been put onto roughly 8 medications which gave me no relief from Crohns and came with a host of side effects.

If I was in pain I would be prescribed opiates and then when I became dependent on them they would be withdrawn. Not only is current pain medication very addictive but it also comes with some horrific side effects. This miserable cycle went on for over a decade. I became depressed and anxious to the point of agoraphobia.

It was this experience that made me not only question modern medicine but also look for alternatives. My first discovery was the healing benefits of the cannabis plant.

A natural approach to treatment

It works as a natural pain reliever and anti inflammatory. In fact it can be argued that cannabis products could be the miracle cure that the ridiculously unhealthy average westerner needs.

When one starts to look into plant medicine and ethnobotany it becomes clear very quickly that in order to attain a true balance of good health a more natural approach is needed.

The bombardment of chemicals and pollution, I believe is the root cause of most modern health concerns. The belief that more chemicals will solve the problem is unlikely to be the future. Also a one size fits all approach to medicine cannot work. Peoples bodies have minute differences in physiology and as a result treatments need to be individually tailored. Something that western medicine totally ignores.

People need to take their health more seriously and also take responsibility for their own lifestyle choices.

If people exercised daily, ate healthily and also became more in touch with the natural world most stress, anxiety and health conditions would dissipate.

Water soluble CBD and curcumin

I now treat my Crohn's disease 100% naturally. I meditate every morning and exercise everyday. The benefits of doing both every day are countless.

The only medication I use is plant based. I spent years scouring the market for products. I also wasted a lot of money on products that claimed to be the best but weren't backed by science.

Now the technology has caught up. I now use water soluble CBD and curcumin from Enhanced CBD Health in Spain. These two products have transformed my health. I take both each morning in a super smoothie before the gym. I also use a full spectrum cannabis extract capsule before bed.

These three products coupled with a good diet, exercise and sleep now mean I can live a happy and healthy life. Something that I never dreamed would be possible 10 years ago.

This may sound daunting but I can promise you that if you put the effort in, the rewards are there to be reaped.

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