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A Review of Enhanced CBD Health By Medical Cannabis Advice Spain

Johnny is an MCAS member and has spent years with the medical association searching for effective CBD products. After an exhaustive approach, we’re proud to receive this positive backing of our own 99% water soluble CBD oils.

Our search for the best CBD products

We are Medical Cannabis Advice Spain (MCAS). We have been operating in southern Spain for the last five years, giving advice, and guidance on the use of cannabis based products. MCAS is an association that is run only by medical cannabis users.

Therefore the search for the best products is a personal journey, not just for the members but the team as well. We know the sadness that is felt when you believe a product will relieve chronic pain and it doesn't work.

As a medical association we have spent years searching for the best CBD products around. The market has been evolving, and we have been waiting a long time for a product like Enhanced CBD Health's CBD to come along.

Looking beyond the hype

As a group we have tried all the drops and capsules on the market and some, including ourselves had started to believe that the hype around CBD was just that, hype.

From the start we have been nothing but impressed with Enhanced CBD Health. The fact that we can now absorb almost 100% of the active ingredients, means that these products are worlds apart from anything we have tried previously.

These products are also 100% organic. When you add to this the fact that the technology in every bottle just won a pharmaceutical award in Madrid, you know it's going to be special.

A better delivery system

All of our members have now moved over to Enhanced CBD Health water soluble CBD products. We have not had a single member try water soluble after using oil based that wanted to return to the old technology.

We have personally seen these products alleviate the symptoms of arthritis, IBD and chronic pain. These products are also proving very useful in dealing with anxiety and depression. Of course this evidence is anecdotal but science is catching up.

It now makes sense to us why we were starting to believe CBD didn't work. It wasn't the compound it was the delivery system. Now using Enhanced CBD Health patented nano technology the body is able to get the amount of active ingredients into the bloodstream needed for a therapeutic dose.

Finally, our members are able to receive doses of CBD large enough to really experience the benefits. Plant medicine is becoming a major part of the wellness trend and Enhanced CBD Health are at the forefront of their field.

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