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Why Take Turmeric As a Food Supplement: Benefits & How To Take It

Turmeric has long been known as a healthy food supplement and here we are going to break down the reasons for taking turmeric, explain the benefits and the optimal way to take it.

Turmeric, containing curcumin is a relative of the ginger plant found in Southeast Asia, and is a flowering plant harvested for its root. Turmeric has been utilised for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine for its active compound, curcumin.

It is widely used in Asian cuisine for its colour and flavour (and health benefits). It can also be used to dye fabrics as it has a bright yellow colour and is a cheaper alternative to saffron for colouring food and material.

What is turmeric (also known as curcumin)?

Turmeric (curcuma longa) is a herbaceous plant that comes from India and Southeast Asia..The plant takes up to 10 months to grow and is harvested for its root which is then boiled, cleaned and dried in the sun.

Turmeric requires temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees to grow and lots of annual rainfall to thrive. There are up to 40-45 species of the plant in India alone and is found in other parts of SouthEast Asia. It is used in medicine, cookery, cosmetics and also textiles.

The benefits of turmeric – what does it do?

The benefits of turmeric are vast and range from anti-inflammatory properties to potential cancer prevention. Historically, turmeric has been used in Ayurvedic medicine, primarily in South Asia, for many conditions, including:

  • breathing problems
  • rheumatism
  • serious pain
  • fatigue

Curcumin gives our bodies a powerful boost of antioxidants and adds a world of potential to help prevent or relieve a number of ailments.

Adding turmeric into our diet is highly beneficial to our everyday health and can help to alleviate symptoms of many different conditions.

Why is turmeric good for you?

Due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities turmeric can be taken to help aid and prevent illness. Adding turmeric to our everyday diets is worthwhile to aid a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some of the main benefits;

  • A potent anti-inflammatory
  • Potential prevention of heart disease
  • Potential prevention of Alzheimer’s
  • Potential prevention of cancer
  • Antioxidant
  • Improving symptoms of depression
  • Improving symptoms of arthritis

How to take turmeric

We can find turmeric in an abundance of places, in Asia we can find it on a market stall or ayurvedic doctors and in western society mostly in food and herbal supplements. When we consume turmeric within our food the percentage in the dish itself is quite low. It has a peppery, bitter and earthy flavour and can unbalance the taste of food if over used.

When we take turmeric as a supplement in a concentrate oil we can maximise the intake and regulate it on a daily basis. For example, a water soluble oil with curcumin extract can be absorbed into your bloodstream between 5-15 times faster and in turn is more effective, efficient and bioavailable.

By choosing to take it as a supplement as part of a healthy lifestyle, you can increase the benefits of the active curcumin and see a noticeable improvement against simply adding to food.

How much tumeric a day?

Getting the correct turmeric dosage is very easy with Enhanced CBD Health’s water soluble liquid curcumin 6% (which comes with a pipette bottle and dropper).

A recommended starting dose is 8-10 drops, judge the effects and then dose to alleviate symptoms. Dosing to your individual needs by increasing and reducing your dosage until you get the desired effects is made simple with a water soluble concentrate curcumin as it has up to 99% bioavailability.

Taking your turmeric this way is much more efficient than untreated, low absorption powders and oils. Using a highly bioavailable curcumin extract is the most economical way to get the turmeric you need.

Before you start taking curcumin products, check the percentage concentration – generally the higher the concentration the lower the drops you’ll need to start with.

What is water soluble curcumin and how does it work?

Water soluble oil is the latest in Swiss Micelle technology. Our bodies consist of 65% to 75% water making it difficult for oil absorption. This means that with a regular oil (non water soluble) we are only optimising 5-10% of the supplement and the rest is going to waste.

Enhanced CBD Health’s Swiss technology micellization process encapsulates the oil in water and in turn, it can pass through the mucus membrane (which consists of 95% water) aiding absorption into the bloodstream to get delivered to where it is needed.

As we know, water and oil do not mix. The Micelle technology used by Enhanced CBD Health is a natural process that mimics our bodies way of processing fatty compounds by encapsulating the oil in a special sphere (with a water loving outside) that helps it get solubilised in water.

Essentially the oil isn’t water soluble but the creation of micelles via micellization optimises the bioavailability of the oil and increases absorption from 10-15% to almost 100%!

Easy to take

With Enhanced CBD Health’s curcumin oil you can simply put your drops into a glass of non alcoholic liquid and drink it.

If your symptoms or desired effect aren’t achieved then you can increase the amount of drops. Your dosage is up to you and we recommend starting with 8-10 drops of the water soluble liquid curcumin 6% (bearing in mind not to take more than 200mg – that’s 80 drops).

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